2 WALK and 2 CYCLE Conference 2016

ChalkFX had the pleasure of exhibiting at the 2 Walk and 2 Cycle Conference this year which was held at the Beautiful Rendezvous Hotel in the City of a bustling Auckland city.

Part of the exhibiting package was the opportunity to sit in, listen to and learn from some amazing experts in the city planning, pedestrian and cycle industry.

Gil Penalosa one of the most inspiring and passionate speakers I have had the pleasure to listen too, opened the conference and set the tone for all delegates.  Gil is the founder and Chair of the board of the internationally recognised non-profit organisation 8 80 cities. This organisation has the belief that you need to plan your cities so that a child the age of 8 and an adult the age of 80 can use all amenities the city has to offer and that they have actually been thought of. That planning for Humans in a city and not cars is fundamental to a healthy society.

Another speaker of note; Professor Karen Witten, from Shore & Whariki Research Centre spoke about healthy places and spaces: bringing a children’s voice to city planning. This talk was very interesting at highlighting the hidden places or threshold spaces in our community that children love to play in. Spaces closer to home, these are really important as play spaces for children. We thought the use of art on walls and pavements would help utilise space so that sometimes the space could be used as a walk way or menial purpose and at other times used as a play space.

From an outsiders perspective New Zealand looks in great shape with the passionate and smart people in the walking and cycling industry leading the way by giving all councils and politicians the tools to make the correct decisions for the sustainable future of our country.

Why were we at this convention?

We strive to make people smile, think and be aware of their local community through art. On footpaths, bike lanes and car parks. We love 3D anamorphic art and think it can be used both temporarily and permanently to create an impact.

Check out this image of our very own Simon Bridges watching his step.

Simon Bridges Transport Minister watches his step.

Simon Bridges Transport Minister watches his step.

If you would like to get in contact with us to help out in your local community anywhere in New Zealand please feel free to fill out the form below.


The Food Show 2016

What a wonderful event to be involved with. All of our favourite things conveniently packed under one roof. Live demonstrations from celebrity chefs, including Ray McVinnie, Simon Gault, Annabelle White, Kyle Street and Martin Bosley. Numerous hand made small batch products. The street food alley where people filled their bellies with a variety of street food. Cheese, Wine… Sigh. what an event!

We were asked to create some artworks that depicted the Food Show 2016 and that people could interact with.


Water Safety New Zealand

100 people died from drowning in New Zealand in 2015. this is 100 too many.

ChalkFX was asked by Water Safety New Zealand to help them promote the new campaign of “Stop and Think before you Go near the water this summer”  The theme was also based around a traffic light and they reinforced the campaign with one of NZ’s favourite ice blocks the “traffic light”.  So people, when you are out on the water this summer think about the traffic lights, STOP and THINK before you act.

12322437_1127050727306173_7123240093150512183_o 12378039_1127050623972850_5556376525156279488_o10608795_1127050823972830_8029498514161145511_o

Some Recent Works

We’ve been fairly bust recently all around Auckland, here’s a couple projects we’re pretty proud of.




This illusion was done in central Auckland during an event to celebrate the opening of a new playground. it was commissioned by Auckland Transport to bring attention to people walking and using phones, being very inattentive to their surroundings, and potentially causing accidents. “Don’t walk with your head in the iClouds”

IMG_1184 IMG_1188 IMG_1614 IMG_1616 IMG_1617

These Four drawings were done in Orewa, just before Kiara’s Angel Walk, a beautiful event that remembers Kiara. These drawings were aimed at sharing messages of path-sharing to promote the safety of the people attending the walk.


This project has to be my new favourite! a middle eastern styled piece, depicting an Arabian City and Sunset on the horizon, an Oasis and a silhouetted Pyramid (geographically incorrect we know…)  All sunk into a pit and a magic carpet anamorphically drawn on top. Apart from the striking colours, this was an awesome project because of the variety of techniques we had to use; its a very dynamic piece! Chuffed.

Promo Video!

Here’s a little of what we do!
Some excited tourists added as a bonus…

This video was done in collaboration with Auckland Transport, about a year ago to showcase the “share the path” messages. Edited and created by Mark Russel; king among videographers.

Happy Holidays!


Here’s a pic (slightly doctored) of the most recent chalk done in Glen Eden. Sadly, the rain hit us pretty good moments before we could finish it. Still a rad time though! A sweet drawing encompassing all the tricky perspective techniques we’re prone to using.

Happy Holidays!